Hi, My name is Andy and I draw vector images.
No, don’t worry, you’ve not accidently hit upon an Alcoholics Anonymous website. Although given my recent obsession with editing and creating vectors, maybe I do need some help.
The fact is, I love making these things, I find it relaxing and challenging. Taking something like a team logo and working out the best way to separate and layer the colours is like doing a really enjoyable puzzle.

I have a background in prepress design and processing, litho and digital printing.
I’m aware of the problems that come with having a badly designed vector image and how it can affect your workflow.
Large and unnecessary vertice counts slowing down your software, double vertice points with offset paths that snag and tear when cutting. I’ve seen it all.
I create all my files by hand, editing for a low vertice count and smooth paths. Whether you want to cut and layer or just print, my files will do the job they’re supposed to do with no problems.

Having said that though, if you do happen to have a problem, I will do everything I can to fix it for you.
Even if it’s just a small change that you need to help you with a project, I’m happy to help. All you need to do is ask.

So, go ahead and have a look at what I have to offer here.

If you have a request or any questions, you can contact me here.

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